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Date of last update: 12/09/21

This personal data protection policy describes the methods that we employ in the various countries listed below for the purposes of collecting, using, protecting and sharing the personal data of our customers. . The term "customers" refers to the people who use our website and our mobile applications or otherwise interact with us.

Your personal data is processed on the basis of your consent (art. 6 (1) (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)), the need to perform a contract concluded with you (art. 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR), and our legitimate interests when these prevail (art. 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR).

The person responsible for processing your personal data is indeed the entity  located in the country of collection of said data.


We may collect personal data about you when you visit our site, use our websites or our mobile applications (the “online services”) or otherwise interact with us (these various interactions being collectively referred to as the “services”). "). The data we collect falls into three categories: (a) data you provide to us, (b) data we collect through automated means, and (c) data we collect from other sources .

In principle, you provide us with your personal data on a voluntary basis. However, in some cases, the communication of such data is essential for the performance of a service or is required by law. Please note that it is indeed impossible for us to provide you with certain services without this data. We will inform you when the provision of personal data concerning you is essential.

We may combine the data you provide to us with that collected through automated means and from other sources.

About the personal data you provide to us

Depending on how you interact with us, you may be required to provide us with the following data:
- personal information (name, postal and email addresses, telephone number, date of birth, etc.), when you register for our online services,
- information on your operations (products purchased, price, method of payment, payment data, etc.)
- information on the account you use to access our online services, purchase or use our products and services (username, password or other identification element)
- information on your profile (products and services appreciated, privileged times to visit us, etc.)
- and any other personal data that you agree to communicate to us when you interact with us.

About the personal data we collect through automated means

We use automated technologies to collect data from your computer or mobile device (phone or tablet) when you visit our site and use our online services. These automated technologies include cookies, local shared objects and web beacons.

We are therefore likely to collect the following data:
- your IP (Internet Protocol) address
- the dates and times when you access our online services
- the names and URLs of the files consulted using our online services
- the type of operating system and browser of the computer or mobile phone used
- the type of mobile device used and its parameters
- the unique device identifier (Unique Device Identifier, UDID) or the mobile equipment identifier (Mobile Equipment Identifier, MEID) associated with your mobile phone
- the serial number of the device used and its components
- advertising identifiers (IDFA and IFAex.) or other similar identifiers
- the reference application or website (i.e. the site that led you to ours)
- and the use you make of our online services (the pages viewed on our sites or in our mobile applications, for example).

Our online services allow us to collect precise information about the location of your mobile device (phone or tablet) or your computer using geolocation functionality and technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. or even proximity relay antennas. For most mobile devices and computers, you will be asked to authorize   to process this information. You have the option to revoke this permission by changing the device or browser settings. If you would like to know how to prevent us from collecting specific information about your location, we recommend that you contact your mobile device provider, its manufacturer or your browser provider. Some of our online services may not function properly without your location information. If you would like us to delete the information in our possession that allows you to locate you, please contact our personal data protection office, the contact details of which are given below. The law may require us to keep certain information.

About personal data we collect from other sources

We may collect data about you from other companies and entities, including public databases, social networks or even third party partners such as analysis or marketing service providers. We may also collect public information, accessible to everyone, for example on your profile, when you interact with us on social networks. These also allow us to collect communications that are addressed to us or that concern us.
We may combine the data you provide to us with that collected through automated means and from other sources.


We may use the personal data we collect for the purposes described below.

Provide our services and establish a contractual relationship with you:

- respond to your requests, fulfill orders and process payments relating to our products and services
- communicate with you about the orders, purchases or accounts you make or hold with us, your requests, your loyalty program, your questions and your comments
- provide you with our online services (including websites and mobile applications)
- and provide customer assistance, in particular by responding to any concerns regarding our services.


To inform you, improve our services and pursue the following legitimate business interests:

- make you discover our products and services and let you know about games, offers, promotions or events which, in our opinion, are likely to interest you
- make you discover the products and services of our commercial partners
- offer you a personalized experience with our online services
- to manage our activities, that is to say in particular to develop new products and services, to carry out studies on consumers and operations and to evaluate the effectiveness of our sales, marketing and advertising activities
- use analysis and profiling technologies in order to personalize your experience, to develop content (including advertisements) adapted to your interests and to the use you make of our online or on-site services, to manage our activities, diagnose any technical or service-related problems, administer our online services, identify users of our online services, identify a device for fraud prevention purposes, collect demographic information about our customers and to determine usage patterns associated with our services
- maintain, manage and improve our products, offers, promotions, online services and other technologies
- guarantee the security of our networks and systems.


Comply with the applicable legislation:

- identify, prevent and protect us against cases of fraud and all other offenses, claims and responsibilities
- respect our legal obligations and our policies
- establish, exercise or defend legal claims
- and monitor and report non-compliance issues.


Provided you give us permission (where required by applicable law), we may use the personal data we collect for the following purposes:

- send you emails or text messages (SMS) about our products and services as well as games, contests, offers, promotions or events which we believe may be of interest to you
- send you e-mails or text messages (SMS) about the products and services of our business partners
- provide services using geolocation
- provide online services to children (subject to parental consent)
- activate cookies and similar technologies
- and provide you with our online services (including websites and mobile applications).

We may otherwise use the information about you collected by us. In this case, we will notify you at the time of collection or ask for your permission.


We do not sell any of your personal data and only share it as set out in this privacy policy.

We are likely to share your personal data with service providers who provide us with services such as: fulfilling orders, providing data processing and other services related to information technology, managing promotions, contests, raffles and lotteries, carry out studies and analyzes, offer a personalized experience to each customer of We prohibit them from using or sharing this information for any purpose other than providing services on our behalf.

For strategic or other business reasons, we may decide to sell or transfer some or all of our business. As part of such an assignment or transfer, we may transmit the information we have collected and kept (including personal data) to any person or entity involved in the transaction in question.

We may need to share information without it allowing you to be directly identified, such as anonymous aggregate statistics relating to your use of our online services. We may also combine information about you with information about other customers and share it in such a way that it is not possible to associate it with a particular customer.

We have the right to use or share personal data as necessary in order to comply with any law, regulation or legal requirement, to protect our online and on-site services, to initiate a legal proceedings or to defend a legal claim, to protect the rights, interests and safety of our organization, our employees, or the general public, or in the context of an investigation of a case of fraud or any other breach or violation of our policies.



We do not collect personal data from children under the age of 15, unless it is necessary for a specific activity and the parent (s) or legal guardian have given us permission to do so.

We recommend that parents regularly monitor and monitor their children's online activities.


Marketing communications

If you have agreed to receive marketing communications from us, you have the opportunity to reverse this decision at a later date by following the instructions contained in the communications in question. You can also change your preferences in your phone settings, or opt out of receiving these communications by contacting our personal data protection office, the contact details of which are given below.

Even if you opt out of receiving marketing communications from us, we may continue to send you communications regarding your transactions, the accounts you hold with us, as well as any games, contests, raffles or lotteries you have entered ( e). Opting out of receiving a certain type of communication does not mean opting out of receiving other types of communication. For example, even if you would opt out of receiving marketing emails, you would still receive marketing text messages (SMS).

Unless you authorize us to do so, we do not share any personal data with third parties for the purposes of their own direct marketing activities. Upon notification from us and subject to your consent, we will share your personal data according to your instructions.

Responsible for processing  is responsible for processing your personal data.

The rights conferred on you in relation to your personal data

With regard to your personal data, you have the right to make the following requests:
- When the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you can withdraw it at any time, it being specified that such withdrawal does not affect the lawfulness of the processing previously carried out on the basis of your consent
- Access your personal data and obtain a copy
- Obtain your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and ask us to transmit them directly to another company (provided that you have communicated them to us yourself and that their processing is based on your prior consent or on the need to perform a contract)
- Have your personal data rectified when they are incorrect or incomplete
- Oppose, for reasons related to your particular situation, our processing of your personal data on the basis of our legitimate commercial interests (including profiling), as well as the sending of marketing communications
- Have your personal data erased as well as all links allowing access to it and any copy or reproduction thereof, to the extent permitted by applicable law, for example, if your information is obsolete, unnecessary or illegal, or if you withdraw your consent to the processing of this information by us, or if you manage to object to the processing of this information by us
- Have processing limited while we are considering a request or complaint made by you as to the accuracy of your personal data or the lawfulness of the processing of such data and our legitimate interests in that processing, or if you need to of said information in the context of a dispute
- At any time withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data.

You can exercise these rights free of charge, unless your request is unfounded or excessive, in particular because of its repetitive nature.

If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact us at the email address:

Before we can provide you with information or correct any errors, we may need to ask you to confirm your identity and / or provide us with additional information to enable us to fulfill your request.

In some cases, and to the extent permitted by applicable law, we may refuse to act or limit your rights. Before we can provide you with information or correct any errors, we may need to ask you to confirm your identity and / or provide us with additional information to enable us to fulfill your request.

In all cases, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL).



We and our service providers use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies in connection with our online services as well as in other areas related to our business (such as online advertising) to the 'effect of collecting information and providing you with the services or products you have requested.

Cookies and other technologies

A "cookie" designates a small text file saved in the browser or device of an Internet user, which makes it possible to recognize the latter and / or to obtain information about him.
A “web beacon” is a small object or image embedded in a web page, application or email that allows user activity to be tracked. We also speak of “pixel” or “tag”.

Please take note of the following:

- A cookie may be sent to you when you use our online services.
- Some of the features we offer require the use of cookies and other similar technologies.
- The cookies and other tracking technologies that we use can be both session instruments (for the duration of your visit) as well as permanent instruments (for a fixed period).
- Our online services and other areas related to our business may be accompanied by web beacons.

We use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to collect information for the purposes set out in this privacy policy. We may also combine information collected using these technologies with information about you collected by us through other means described in this privacy policy.

We may use these technologies for the following purposes:
- identify you or your device unambiguously
- allow you to access our online services and use them in a fluid way (which would not necessarily be the case in their absence)
- reinforce the security of the systems if necessary
- statistically measure the use of our websites and mobile applications
- improve our products and services
- monitor the performance (traffic, errors, page load times, popular sections, etc.) of our online services
- recognize you when you access our online services, to facilitate your navigation
- personalize your experience
- attract your attention through targeted advertising and
- the other purposes set out in the section of this privacy policy entitled "Our terms of use of the information collected".

For example, certain technologies allow us to determine whether you have opened an email or clicked on a link in an email, how you use the pages and content of our mobile applications.

We may use these technologies to collect information about your online activities over time, whether you access third-party phones and websites or use our online services, in order to further personalize your customer experience.

You can configure your browser not to receive a cookie or to be alerted each time you receive one. All you have to do is click on the “Help” section of your browser to learn how to modify your preferences in this area. If you disable all cookies, you may not be able to access all features of a website.

Some newer browsers have a "Do Not Track" option, which consists of sending a notification to websites that you visit indicating that you do not want your activity to be tracked.

If our online services include videos, we may target and identify all the videos you watch. You authorize us to track your viewing activities through online services or third party social networks for a period of up to two years, or as long as applicable law allows, or until you withdraw your consent.

To find out more about the terms of use of cookies and other technologies specific to the country in which you are a customer, please refer to the appendix dedicated to it.

Targeted advertising

When you use our online services, we (and our service providers) may collect information about your activities that enables us to serve you personalized advertisements.

Because we can work with multiple ad networks, you may see ads on other websites. Through these networks, we may target the information we send to you based on your interests, other information about you, and contextual means. These networks track your online activities over time by collecting information using cookies, web beacons, and web server logs. They use this information to show you ads that may be of interest to you. The networks to which we are a part collect information about the websites you visit (such as the pages or ads you view or the way you use said sites) as long as they are also part of the networks in question. We may use this information to serve you personalized ads - both through our online services and on third party websites belonging to ad networks, and to assess the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

You can opt out of targeted advertising by writing to us at. In this case, you will continue to receive announcements but they will not necessarily be tailored to your interests.


Our online services may contain links to websites operated by third parties and not by us. If you visit one of these sites, we recommend that you review its privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other policies. We are not responsible for the policies and practices of third parties. The information you provide to them is treated in accordance with their own privacy policies, terms and conditions and other policies.

Our online services may also contain applications, tools, widgets and plug-ins from other providers (such as the Facebook "Like" button). They may also use automated means to collect information about how you use these features. They treat your information in accordance with their own policies.


We are committed to taking adequate measures to protect your personal data. Our technical, organizational and physical procedures aim to protect personal data against any accidental, unlawful or unauthorized access or loss, disclosure, use, alteration or destruction. Despite the efforts made to protect our information systems, no website, mobile application, computer system, or transmission of information via the Internet or any other public network can be guaranteed to be completely secure.


We keep your information for as long as necessary to carry out the activities set out in this policy and to comply with our rules on the retention of personal data (unless the law requires a longer retention period). These rules comply with applicable laws. We will retain and use your data to the extent necessary to fulfill our legal obligations (such as the obligation to retain your information in accordance with applicable tax laws), resolve disputes, enforce our agreements and carry out any other activity provided for by the this policy.

Retention period of personal data

Your personal data will be kept for a period of three years from the date of your last activity (identification in store or on our digital tools, order, etc.) at, unless that you do not oppose the processing of your data or that you exercise your right to be forgotten.

International transfers of personal data

Your personal data is not transferred outside of the European Union.

If we intend to transfer your personal data outside the European Union we will notify you and take the necessary measures to ensure that your personal data enjoys an appropriate level of protection.



This privacy policy takes effect from the date indicated on the first page. It can be updated from time to time. In this case, we will release the new version and change the “date of the last update” (ie the date on which it takes effect) at the top of the document. We recommend that you check regularly if a new version is available


If you have any questions about's personal data protection practices, you can contact our data protection office at any time. The latter are responsible for any question or information relating to their country of establishment. Their respective contact details are given in the annexes specific to each country.

You can contact the Data Protection Officer at  by email to the address

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