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 François Vandenberghe

A universe of trumpets ...

Discover the universe of the artist François Vandenberghe, sculptor and true messenger from the alleys of existence...

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The pieces tackle questions as existential as birth and death, love or desire, in the struggle for the right to exist.  

In the Vandenberghe universe, figurative description is always at the service of metaphors. There is an obvious link between those who share the brutality of the experience of being, either humans or pachyderms.  

"Because we must prove to everyone that all men are alike and emphasize how unique each one of us is."

"The man makes noise
but his land speaks!"

The artist strives in each creation to be the vector and witness of a story, a life's scenario, a shared moment.


Each sculpture born under the fingers of the artist is a real hard work of introspection and a hymn to life.

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The artist

The artist has a deep link with each of his pieces, endowing them all with passionate impetus and revealing, through the allegory, a truth that makes his pachyderms even more real.


Each sculpture reveals an essence that touches us more deeply than simple figurative reproductions, an essence both intimate and indefinable, an expressed emotional rebellion.

* Bartoux Galleries

The price of ivory

The denunciation of the tragedy of elephant's disappearance is always present in Vandenberghe's proceedings.


Part of the income from the sculptures is used for the defense of these magnificent animals in collaboration with the Izindlovu Fund  HERD - Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development in South Africa

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Last news

"A crush, a revelation, an emotion ... I could stay for hours watching this proud Mékambo. You gave me another look at Art and for that, I would always be grateful to you. Behind every work there is a man and his sensitivity, your works touched me .. but not cast like your bronzes are. Thank you Master. "


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In Perpetual research, the signature of an artist is the reflection of an evolution.
This signature is inspired on the symbolism of the artists of La Défense.



The elephant's head is clearly more noticeable at the start of the signature.
The first name symbol at the end is now more sophisticated and assertive.




The vertical part of (F) symbolizes the standard size of the average tusk that Francois experienced when he was young.




The horizontal part of (F) symbolizes the atrophied size of the average tusk that we currently observe.
Simple warning or announced disappearance?

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